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My Slice of Sanity, The Gandy’s Home Base, Angela’s Pursuit of Life, Thought and Creations from Here There and Everywhere, and Harvest of Pearls have joined together to bring you “Iron Women of the Word" blog hop. Once a week we will share about our time in the word and invite you share your time in the word as well. If you have words of encouragement a devotion or other Christian related post to link up that would be awesome! If you are a "Iron Woman of the Word" and would like to find other Christian Bloggers --link up! Please grab the button to spread the word about our fellowship! I am looking forward to our fellowship! I hope we can all encourage one another each week!

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This weeks Blog Spot Light

A little about Mo's Place: I'm a wife, a friend, and a daughter, what I am not, is a mother.  When diagnosed with infertility issues I became quite aware of what a taboo
subject this is among women.  I scoured the internet for points of view and
ideas and possible fixes.  I was desperate.  What I came to realize as time
went on is that there were a lot of voices out there from a lot of different
walks of life on this subject but not too many were asking the question, 'as
a Christ follower how does infertility affect me?'  I didn't have a lot of
answers but I felt a strong desire to create this blog in an effort to give
a truthful, raw, sometime not too christlike view on how someone like me who
is a christ follower handles these trials of infertility.  I wanted to do it
out load as a way to find healing and understanding for myself and as a
possible blessing for someone else just like me, who is lost by the news of
it all and is looking for a little perspective. God has a plan, He knows
what he is doing and remembering that on this journey has proven to be the
hardest test to pass.

Please make sure to stop by Mo's Place today

My Daughters Salvation:

As many of you have seen from a previous post my 10 year old daughter has accepted the Lord into her heart. A day a mother will never forget let me share it with you. I have always had doubt as any patent I think does "are my children understanding salvation" "what age is to young" but on this day I knew.

We were in our normal church service but something was different my daughter was more attentive to the service not reading books but paying attention. Then came inventation time. We all stood to our feet and I was saying a prayer for the lost when I looked over. My baby girls was crying and shaking one look at my husband and we knew we had to let her go. To the alter she went still crying and shaking. My baby girl was saved that day. I want to make it clear that my daughter understand what she did that day and what it meant. Some say she was to young but I say when the Lord call you go i am not standing in Gods way.

After church I was talking with my daughter and she said "Mommy I was crying because I felt like God was leaving my Heart." Tear again for mommy.  One of the most wonderful days of my life was know that my child was going to be with me in heaven.

Please feel free to share your salvation with us.

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