Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Day 2- Morning To-Do Redo: With the many goals of the new year getting into a routine is main one for me. I have decided to make some changes to my routine to make sure that I get my quiet time in before everything else. This may a long morning routine but I really need to put down every detail.
 5:15: Up and Make Coffee
5:15-6 Quiet time
6:00-6:45- Get Kenny up and moving, check fb, check e-mail, work on blog, get my daily list ready. Organize anything that needs to be done before other kids get up.
6:45-7:30- Still trying to figure out what to put here, everyone is still asleep (Maybe more quiet time).
7:30-8:20- Wake up Hubby, and other kids. Get then ready to leave,start laundry, make sure kids have done chores, get everyone out the door.
8:20-9- More of a blank spot. Chat with ladies, finish up any computer work.
9:00-9:30- Start my daily work.
9:30-10:00- Work on at least one de-clutter area.

This is a rough draft that over time will be updated.

Day 3: The Weekly Calender: With this day I was suppose to set a weekly calender. I already have my desk calender with everything for the week on it.

How do you organize your mornings? How do you organize your week?

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