Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 GOALS

Another year is here and with that new year comes some new goals for my life. This year will bring at least one major change, we are adding another baby to our lives in March. This is a big adjustment to me considering that my youngest is 8. With this change coming into our lives changes need to be made along with changes that need to be made regardless of the fact of a new baby. So here goes the list I have some links to help me accomplish some of these goals.

* Spend more time with the Lord, this will be done during daily quiet time, attending church and worshiping  Him in whatever task I do during the day. Beginning January 16th I will be participating in the Ephesians study here at Good Morning Girls.

*Build better more positive relationships with my family. I am participating in the "30 Days to Build a Better Spouse Power of Prayer". To start will my children I will be following The Gentleness Challenge from the "Women Living Well Blog.

* Find a job. I just got Associated degree in Medical Transcription and am really looking forward to obtaining employment in that area.

*Become a better homemaker. There are so many links that I am following for this, I will post one of them each week.

*Work on my blog, become more frequent and get Iron Women going again.

What are some of your goals for 2012? I wish everyone luck with there new adventures of 2012

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