Monday, November 7, 2011


Lately my house has been to say the least in chaos. There is no since of structure routine or since of getting anything done. I have recently been praying why this is happening and this is what the Lord has lead me to believe.

1) I do not ask the Lord what he wants me to accomplish for the day.

2) I have not been faithful in starting my day with the Lord.

3) When the motivation has left me to the things that need to be done, I do not turn to the Lord to continue to give me the motivation I need.

I feel overwhelmed and lost a lot of the time. This is all because the Lord has not had his place where it should  be and the is First. Life is not always easy but when once we put the Lord in the right place, thing become  a little easier.

What are some reasons that you ensure the Lord is first in your day?

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